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1978: Gerardo Velasquez and Michael Ochoa form the Snappers along with guitarist Robert Becerra (later of the notorious East Los Angeles punk band "The Stains") and drummer Jessie. They performed 2 shows, the last being at artist Gronk's Halloween party at LACE galleries, where they performed with Non (Boyd Rice) and Monitor. The band broke up that night. Read about the disintegration of the snappers here. They also met Edward Stapleton that evening. 

Edward meets Phranc at a Dead Kennedy show.



Nervous Gender forms: Lineup - Gerardo Velazquez, Edward Stapleton, Michael Ochoa and Phranc.

1979: Nervous Gender debuts at the Vanguard Gallery opening for Devine. Review

Photos by Alice Bag

April 13, 1979: Benefit For Los Angeles Women's Video Center, Lace Gallery, L.A. with  Sister Angelica Furiosa, Cheri Gaulke, Ann Mavor, Fender Buddies, and The Tracers. 

"Punks and separatists cheered when "Do the Gestalt" was dedicated to Dr. Toni Grant" - Slash

Full review

6-1-79: Club 88, L.A. with The  Plugz, and Eddie and the Subtitles.

"Nervous Gender  were a real surprise. Devo meet the Screamers-and they beat both those bands (especially the Screamers) at their own game." 

Full review

June 8, 1979: Science Holiday event at Josie Roth's studio, L.A. With the Human Hands.

6-1-79: Club 88, L.A. with the Trendsetters



Summer 1979: Don Bolles (Germs) joins Nervous Gender on  drums. 

July 1979 - Interview in Damage magazine. 


July 28, 1979: Hong Kong Cafe, L.A. with The Bags and  Human Hands.

 "Percussion sounded primitively insane." - Flipside Magazine #16


Nervous Gender "Live at the Hong Kong Cafe" cd-r available now

ng hong kong

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August 79 - Interview in Slash Magazine


Creep fanzine - Interview


August 11, 1979: Hong Kong Cafe, L.A. with Human Hands and Decayes. 

September 1979: 

Phranc starts the band Catholic Discipline.

 Nervous Gender appear on Richard Meltzer's legendary radio program

"Hepcats from Hell" on KPFK radio, Los Angeles.

September 2, 1979: Hong Kong Cafe, L.A. with  Overman, The Urinals.


September 4, 1979: Mabuhay Gardens, S.F. with , X-Ray Ted, Non, Impatient Youth.

September 9, 1979: King's Palace with  Dred Scott, The Angry Samoans

September 22 & 23, 1979: Deaf Club, S.F. with The Units (23rd) Western Front Music Festival

October 1979

Phranc quits Nervous Gender

Catholic Discipline plays San Francisco

Phranc rejoins Nervous Gender

October 13, 1979: Hollywood Central Theatre, L.A. with Johanna Went and Zev.

Oct 25, 1979: Vex Hall, East L.A. with Human Hands and Overman

December 6, 1979: Anti Club, L.A. with  Fear and The Brainiacs.

" But a place in genteel civilization is not exactly what Nervous Gender is aiming for." -  Slash Magazine Vol.3, No.1

Full Review

Michael Ochoa joins Voxpop with Members Paul B.Cutler, Mary Simms (aka Dinah Cancer), Don Bolles, Jeff Dahl, and Del Hopkins

Voxpop debuts on 11 - 79 at King's Palace, Hollywood. 

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December 14, 1979: Hong Kong Cafe, L.A. with  Wall of Voodoo

December 1979

Second San Francisco tour. Phranc decides it is not socially or economically profitable so she does not go. Don Bolles has a previous engagement with the Germs.

December 26, 1979: Savoy, S.F.

Eight year old Sven Pfeiffer is disgusted by Nervous Gender and keeps shooting his cap gun at the Savoy.

Nervous Gender is disgusted by Nervous Gender at the Savoy and end their set after 6 songs.

December 29, 1979: Mabuhay Gardens, S.F.

Having become friends with German Citizen Sven, Nervous Gender invite him to avoid immigration authorities by moving in with them in L.A.

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